Street Outlaws Daddy Dave and Dominator Hijack a truck in Bristol!

Even for someone like Daddy Dave or Dominator who drive some of the fastest cars ...

Even for someone like Daddy Dave or Dominator who drive some of the fastest cars around, they sometimes need to stretch out their legs a little bit and have fun in other ways. After all, no matter what you do, the novelty wears off eventually. Don’t get me wrong, racing can be exciting for a very long time, even spanning an entire lifetime, however, sometimes, you just want to have fun in different ways, strapping your boots up and going all out. That’s exactly what we see here as Dave and Dominator have a little bit of fun out at Bristol, but not how you’d expect.

In this one, we watch as this pair of street racing outlaws find themselves a Toyota Tundra. It would appear as if the truck is one of those that is set up for a Toyota experience, taking people who want to see what it’s all about over hills and bumps and all kinds of other pre set up obstacles with a driver from Toyota behind the wheel. However, this time, instead of having one of Toyota’s drivers behind the wheel, it’s none other than Daddy Dave. In fact, one of the employees from Toyota came up to briefly try and stop them before they laid some sweet talking on him and got to take the truck out anyway over the obstacle course that could prove to be a lot of fun.

In the video below, we have a ride along with this intense scenario as daddy Dave completely beats the wheels off of this poor pickup truck as he rips it around the obstacle course, laying into the throttle and hitting some of these crazy obstacles at a good rate of speed. No wonder the employee from Toyota was talking about insurance liability because Dave definitely had to scare him a little bit with the way that he was piloting this ride!

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Posted by Street Outlaws on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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